My Personal DataSafe becomes your client's virtual safe deposit box

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My Personal DataSafe

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Clients are provided 24/7 access to their information, can receive and send files securely

  • Client Portal
  • File Sharing
  • Files are secure and encrypted

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In addition to their client portal features you can empower your clients to "put their affairs in order" with a one year trial of My Personal DataSafe

As a subscriber your clients can enter and update personal, medical, financial, legal and insurance information online with the ability to authorize complete or partial access to you, other professional advisors, physicians and loved ones.

Our patent-pending software application provides:

  • Peace of mind that clients vital information is secure in a single location
  • Medical emergency access card
  • While alive/after death sharing with editable access
  • Import/export and file upload capability
  • Customizable reports